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Stewartstown Railroad: ‘Truly a unique entity in the state, and possibly, the nation’

The Stewartstown Railroad Co. and preservationists Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad are seeking to raise funds and preserve the historic southeastern York County rail lines and station. Here, Don Matthews of Stewartstown Railroad walks through a rail car earlier this year. Background posts: Freight locomotive ‘telescoped’ runaway railroad car, Ma & Pa Railroad, Muddy Creek Forks draw fans and Mystery of Glen Rock-area’s Narrow Gauge Road deepens.

Preservationists seeking to return the Stewartstown Railroad to excursion service are continuing their work. (See: Stewartstown’s historic rail station: ‘Hopefully, we get things going soon’)
The historical society in the Stewartstown area is presenting a program on the railroad that served Stewartstown, New Park and Fawn Grove to the east and linked to the Northern Central Railroad to the west.
Kurt Bell from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania will speak at the event set for Nov. 19 at the Stewartstown Presbyterian Church… .

Students enjoyed the Stewartstown Railroad’s excursion service, shut down for only four years.
Bell’s presentation will include pictures and documents, in part, submitted from the community.
“Hopefully, this program will instill more interest in saving this historic institution. I feel that preserving the railroad would be a great asset for the county. It is truly a unique entity in the state, and possibility, the nation,” preservationist Doug Winemiller wrote in an e-mail.
Stewartstown Railroad is looking for more photos and memorabilia. Winemiller (ljtjwinemiller@clearviewcatv.net) said preservationists can scan submitted photos so those with such historic artifacts can keep them.
The short line faces a large financial challenge.
“The railroad will need much assistance from the community and railroad enthusiasts to rejuvenate the line,” he wrote.
History enthusiasts in Stewartstown have two great, historically meaningful projects to promote: the railroad and the town’s World War II POW camp where German captives spent two summers.
That’s York County history. Many regions can boast of not one but two or more claims to history.