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I-83 improvements causing change at Mount Rose interchange


The Budget Host Inn, seen here in 2013 after a fire, is coming down. The well-known Mount Rose Avenue motel’s footprint at Exit 18 will be covered by improvements to Interstate 83. Also of interest: The Mount Rose Intersection: More comes together there than roads.


The Budget Host Inn wasn’t historic, but it was a sign of the times. It appeared to go up when Interstate 83 came in and has witnessed the growth of Hampton Inns and other large-chain competitors along the highway.

Now it’s coming down because the interstate is coming through.

As for the sign, it was still standing over the weekend.

The lantern on the sign is a signature for Budget Host motels. “Look for the Lantern,” the Budget Host website says.


We spend a few minutes here with what remains of this motel, in part, because YorkTownSquare.com readers elsewhere like to keep up with  changes in their hometown. And even some York countians don’t get around much in this large, 900-square-mile county. To get this photo, I stood in the former parking lot of the old Denny’s, which has also been demolished. Also of interest: It’s a fun game: What used to be where in York County, Pa.?



 Some of the outbuildings, including this gazebo, also were still standing over the weekend. It was hard to tell for certain, but it appeared roses remained in place and in bloom near the gazebo. And why not? This is the Mount Rose area after all. Also of interest: Where was the site of Camp Betty Washington, along the road so named.

Denny’s and the Budget Host Inn, left, were standing when this photograph was made several years ago. The putt-putt course to the south of the motel along Camp Betty Washington Road also has been demolished. Also of interest: How a bird sees the Mount Rose Interchange.

Also of interest:

Where did Camp Betty Washington Road get its name.