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How would you describe York and York County, Pa., if you were a visiting journalist

These postcards from the USGenWeb Project show a variety of architectural styles and features covering a variety of eras in York, Pa. York has a eclectic mix of such styles – often wonderful to view. Also of interest: Escaped bovine makes York newspaper headline and York-area picture book not your typical coffee table publication and Author: ‘York’s streetscape features almost every style and era of American architecture’.

The New York Times recent description of York as a “south-central Pennsylvania manufacturing town, where the colonial architecture reflects its Revolutionary War past” and my blog post exploring this has drawn quite a bit of reaction.
I questioned the fact that York’s architecture reflects the Colonial era.
And I asked folks how they would describe York, from the vantage point of an out of towner.
Consider “Joe’s” comments:

“York’s problems are the county’s problems. They can’t be separated and must be addressed by leadership throughout county.
“So few people take this to heart. And even when the problem moves into their backyard, they will still look down upon the City and damn those of us from there and simply rely on their own municipality to solve the problem.”
He put forth the description that York County could appear to out-of-towners as a land of territories:
“You’ll be hard pressed to find local governments or school districts willing to work together,” he wrote.
Neighbors won’t even help neighbors much less deal with acts of wrongdoing next door.
“Such acts make the rest of the country look down upon ALL of York County, not just us in the City,” he wrote.
That’s Joe’s view.
If you were a visiting journalist, how would you describe York and York County?
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