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How 2 views of Three Mile Island show change in 35 years

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This isn’t listed in the favorite photos from 2013 on the Look blog, but it could be. It’s an unusual look at the often-photographed cooling towers on Three Mile Island. The two disabled towers from Unit 2, the scene of the 1979 partial meltdown of the reactor core, are in the foreground in this Jason Plotkin photograph. Steam is emerging from the cooling towers associated with Unit 1. Compare this look with that below of the nuclear power plant prior to the accident below. Also of interest: York countians will look up some day and TMI’s cooling towers will be down.

The towers of Three Mile Island on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013. Jason Plotkin – Daily Record/Sunday News
Jason Plotkin

This photo shows TMI shortly before the accident disabled Unit No. 2. As I have written before, it might be the last newspaper photograph to capture steam rising from No. 2′s cooling towers. Today, as we saw above, steam rises from Unit 1′s towers, and Unit 2′s stacks are partially dismantled. Also of interest: Here’s how a bird sees plumes from TMI.

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