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Story of venerable York County Strickler family not just about who begat whom

‘Our Strickler Heritage’ has been the longtime work of family member Morgan Brenner. The work tells about the life and times of this venerable Hellam Township, York County, Pa., family. Those pictured in cover illustration, courtesy of the Jim Rudisill collection: Seated, from left, Alfred Dietz Strickler, Susan Irene Strickler, Elizabeth S. “Lizzie” Ruby Strickler. Standing, from left, Edward Dietz Strickler, Calvin Ruby Strickler.Also of interest: All Pennsylvania Dutch posts from the start.

You might remember that we last chatted with Havertown’s Morgan Brenner when he queried folks about the location of Strickler’s Mill.

Morgan has been researching his Hellam Township family’s history for years.

He has some news to impart about his research, all 280 pages of it.


“It has been completed…,” he wrote about his book.

The York County Heritage Trust has a copy, and you can download it by clicking on this Strickler link  (leave time for it to open).

Also you can contact Morgan at: beagle28@verizon.net.

Here are some odds and ends about Morgan’s work:

Early Strickler geography in Switzerland: “Our known early Strickler families lived in or near what is now the Municipality of Hirzel … District of Horgen … Canton of Zurich … Switzerland.”

Intriguing chapter: ‘The Battle of Wrightsville and the Susquehanna River Crossings’

Comment from Morgan: “This book, a labor of love, is an account of the people, places, events, and things of our known Strickler ancestors. In compiling it, as the contents suggest, the author followed his belief that ‘genealogy is not just who begat whom.’ May this book be passed on to our descendants so that they may become knowledgeable of and appreciative of Our Strickler Heritage.”

How it concludes:  “The account ends with Calvin Ruby Strickler, Edward Dietz Strickler, and Susan Irene Strickler (and their spouses), the children of Alfred Dietz Strickler and Elizabeth S. ‘Lizzie’ Ruby Strickler. Our oldest living family members are the grandchildren of Calvin or Susie. Since presumably all of us oldsters are aware of our immediate family lore and have passed it on to our children and grandchildren, there is no need for this book to go beyond Alfred’s and Lizzie’s offspring.”

Well-known family member: Jim Rudisill, who attracted this comment from Morgan: “Cousin James Rudisill, the eminent York County historian and a veritable trove of Hellam Township Strickler knowledge, provided immeasurable help and shared many photographs from his collection.”

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