York Town Square

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Three views of York’s Naval Ordnance Depot/AMF/Harley-Davidson plants

Springettsbury Township’s Harley-Davidson plant is seen during shift change in January 2009. Today, the buildings at left are for sale as Harley plans to consolidate York operations in the former softtail plant, right. (See additional photos below.) Background posts: All Harley posts from the start and All York Safe & Lock posts from the start and All Made in York posts from the start.

It began during wartime and the old plant in Springettsbury Township has never really been at peace.
It’s had a long series of owners since York Safe & Lock built it. Harley-Davidson occupies it now, but for how long?
It’s had labor strikes. Celebrity visits. Presidential praise.
Just three years ago, George W. Bush was there, touting its great American qualities… .

The plant operating as AMF in this photo taken from ‘Greater York in Action,’ 1968.
And he got on a hog, unlike predecessors Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.
After he dismounted, the president commented to Harley worker Joel Toner.
“You must have a great job, riding motorcycles.”
Toner replied, “Yeah, I think I got one of the greatest jobs in the world.”
Here’s hoping that these greatest jobs remain great in York County.

The Special Ordnance complex in 1946, taken from a Naval Ordnance brochure.
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