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Is it Harlan Street ice cream or snow cream? Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff: Dec. 18, 2010

This ice cream recipe calls for the substitution of snow in the making of ice cream. It’s found in Dan Meckley’s booklet “Moon Centennial,” a collection of family Christmas customs and stories. The Meckley home was on Harlan Street in York County, Pa.’s Old East York neighbhorhood. Also of interest: TV show box set ‘Terry & the Pirates’ to be part of a museum exhibit someday?, Rambo run: One small stream … so much stress and York Safe & Lock worker recalls chat with Hedy Lamarr.

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John Lehr of York is one of the former residents of the Children’s Home of York who went on to a long, productive life.
He read my York Sunday News column “Good Grew Out of Terrible Civil War” and sent me a long hand letter about his life.
As a two-year-old orphan, he resided in the home. A York couple took John into their home.
“I got a home in the living room on the sofa,” he said.
He went to York schools, graduating from William Penn Senior High School in 1941.
John became a paratrooper in World War II – the 509th Parachute Battalion – and jumped three times. He was wounded, received a Purple Heart but made it home… .

He married his wife, Gloria, and they now have 57 candles on their anniversary cake.
John became a pastor, ministering at Wellsville United Methodist Church from 1964 to 1992.
He’s 88 now, but he still lists the Children’s Home of York as part of his story, another compelling story from a member of the Greatest Generation.
Working on the railroad: Stewartstown Historical Society’s Doug Winemiller has issued another plea to preserve the Stewartstown Railroad.
“The situation is becoming critical,” he wrote. “Preservation Pennsylvania has determined that the railroad qualifies for the endangered list. Help is needed to preserve this important part of York County history.”
Here’s that state organization’s description:

Stewartstown Railroad (Stewartstown to New Freedom, York County)
From 1884 to 1972, the Stewartstown Railroad connected farmers and manufacturers to markets in Baltimore. The Stewartstown Railroad remains in business under its original charter of 1884–the only such operation in existence that did not merge with another railroad or was subjected to any form of corporate reorganization. Seven railroad structures along the 7.4-mile line have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the line itself has been determined eligible for inclusion in the National Register. The financial generosity of George Hart, President of the Stewartstown Railroad, kept the company operational through recent tough times; however, this resulted in a substantial lien against the railroad. Arrangements to forgive the $352,000 sum were not made in Mr. Hart’s estate plans as expected. Now, unless the Bucks County Historical Society, beneficiary of Mr. Hart’s estate, will agree to defer payment of the lien for several years, the Stewartstown Railroad would be forced to liquidate its assets to raise the $352,000 that it owes.

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