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Guinston Church’s unusual campus: 1 site, 3 buildings from different times

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Shot from the location of the original building, from the left can be seen the 1949 building, the 2015 building and the 1773 building. The church has had five buildings since 1754. Paul Kuehnel - York Daily Record/ Sunday News
Chanceford Township’s Guinston Presbyterian Church’s campus holds an unusual sight. Three church buildings stand there, representing three eras of church  architecture. York, Pa., Daily Record photographer Paul Kuehnel captured the three buildings from the vantage point of the original structure. From left, you can see the 1949 building, the 2015 building and the 1773 building. The southeastern York County congregation has met in five buildings since 1754. The 2015 building was recently dedicated. Guinston’s website tells this story: ‘Guinston has continued as a congregation while political parties have risen and fallen, many wars were fought, slavery was abolished, man explored space, and thousands of new technologies have emerged. However, through it all Guinston has remained a steadfast family of faith that loves each other and the Lord. May God continue to bless Guinston for many years to come.’ Check out this YDR photo gallery from the dedication. Also of interest: 5 views of old Guinston Church.

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