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Milkmen’s holiday: Linked in with neat York County, Pa., history stuff – Sept. 29, 2010

York County, Pa.’s,. Gary Heiland submitted this photo of Green’s Dairy deliverymen in their Sunday best, posing for the camera in 1937. He noted that the photo was taken inside the second floor drivers ready room at 201 N. Highland Ave., in York. He identified the Green’s folks: First row, John M. Heiland, Al Benedict, Richard Lloyd, George Zech, Sterling Frey, John Dubs, Robert Welcomer, Nevin Miller. Second row, Russel Myers, William Witmore, Howard Albright, William Kauffman, Ken Landis, Charles Aldinger, Walter Strock (maintenance). Third row, Charles King, Harry Rostetter, Zeno Lentz, Kenneth Marsteller, Arthur Weigle, Ray (last name not known.) Background posts: Baltimore screamed for York County ice cream and Pinch Gut or Arbor or Adamsville is in Red Lion or Dallastown or, uh, actually York Township and Perrydale’s bovine: ‘She’s a wonderful, laid-back cow’.

Neat stuff from all over … .
John Holtzapple is a York Suburban High School graduate and a former volunteer at the York County Heritage Trust’s Golden Plough Tavern and Gates House.
Now he is director of a museum – in Tennessee. He is the exec at President James K. Polk’s ancestral home in Columbia, Tenn.
York Sunday News column Gordon Freireich (9/26/10) writes about Holtzapple and the president whose former home he’s curating. See: A keeper of the flame for James Polk.
Now we have another Polk link to York County… .

The other one?
Dallastown was named after Polk’s veep: George Dallas.
York case in the news: Time magazine and other national media are reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court case involving York County’s Albert Snyder’s challenge of Westboro’s protesting of military funerals. See: Why Spewing Hate at Funerals Is Still Free Speech.
Recommended story: Family First Health is celebrating its 40th anniversary. This story tells about how it grew from the York Charrette of 1970, sometimes credited with defusing the rioting that had rocked York the previous two summers.
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