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Glen Rock storms: ‘I think the snows of years ago were much deeper’

Glen Rock’s Main Street at the railroad tracks is stacked with snow. This circa 1912 photograph comes courtesy of John Hufnagel of the Glen Rock Historic Preservation Society. Also of interest: . Otts Hufnagel writes about Glen Rock’s first mill, aka, the Glen Rock Mill Inn

There’s a growing suspicion among many that we just don’t get the deep snows like we did years ago.

Glen Rock-area historian John “Otts” Hufnagel is one of them, and he has photographs to prove it.

“Just wanted to tell you that I think the snows of years ago were much deeper than they are now a days,” he wrote in an email. “I attached a few shots of snows in Glen Rock from long ago.”

We report about the deep snows of yesterday. You decide.

Here they are:

Upper part of Hanover Street from mid 1950s.

Main Street, circa 1940s.

Corner of Main and Church Streets, mid 1940s.

11 Manchester Street, 1950s.

Hanover Street, looking south from Cottage Avenue, 1940s.

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