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Kind-spirited imitators from across the Mason-Dixon Line flatter York County’s Glen Rock Carolers

The Glen Rock Carolers strolled the streets of the southern York County borough of Glen Rock in the early hours of Christmas morning again this year. Background posts: Legendary Glen Rock Carolers to publish history and Glen Rock singers salute English caroling custom and Books about Glen Rock abound, and there’s a lot of history to write about.
The Glen Rock Carolers, dressed in their top hats and capes, sang on the town’s streets again this year.
And they’re slated to make a rare daytime performance in conjunction with Glen Rock’s 150th anniversary celebration in June.
But perhaps the most flattering gesture toward the venerable group came this year from just south of the Mason-Dixon Line… .

A group in Carroll County, Md., has started up with counterparts in Glen Rock as a bit of a role model.
Here’s information on the group, excerpted from my upcoming York Sunday News column (1/3/10):

The success of the Glen
Rock Carolers since 1848 has
captured the interest of a
group just south of the Mason-
Dixon Line in Carroll County.
The Carroll County Times
noted that Dan Karst, North
Carroll High School graduate,
pulled together about 40
people for caroling in the
towns of Hampstead and
According to the Times,
Karst’s group is very fluid
compared to the veterans in
Glen Rock who have a time-
honored song list, a set route
and a specific number of car´
“It’s going to grow year
after year,” Karst told the
Times. “Next year, we’ll have
a more organized practice.
We’ll get fundraising.”
The name of Karst’s
The North Carolers.