York Town Square

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Girls touched down in York, Pa., to touch up, Part II


Cottage Hill College rose on the north bank of York, Pa.’s, Codorus Creek in the last 50 years of the 19th century. It served as a finishing and educational academy for girls, many from the South. It was demolished at the turn of the 20th century. What an interesting landmark the structure would be if it still presided on the north bank. Also of interest: Girls touched down in York to touch up, Part I.

Scott Mingus over at Cannonball gave a succinct summary of Cottage Hill College in his series: ‘150 Civil War facts about York County, Pa.’

Here is his fact No. 110 about the girls school:

“York boasted several well established schools and academies at the time of the Civil War. Several graduates from the York Academy (a forerunner to York College) went on military careers, including Maj. Granville O. Haller, the Regular Army officer from the 7th U.S. Infantry who commanded the defenses of Adams and York counties during the Gettysburg Campaign. Another prominent school was the Cottage Hill College, a girls school under the direction of Rev. John F. Hey. Founded in 1849, it stayed solvent for almost 30 years before closing. Its 9-acre campus was off what is now Cottage Hill Road near Newberry Street north of Codorus Creek… ”

The green area marks the vicinity of long-demolished Cottage Hill College. On the other side of the tree lies contractor Dorgan and Zuck on Cottage Hill Road. Its campus actually spread over the hillside. Also of interest: Where exactly was Cottage Hill College?

Photo courtesy, York County Heritage Trust