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Finder of this book in York County, Pa.: ‘I just wonder if any of the class of 1930 is still alive’

This book in a Girl Scouts series was either part of studies at William Penn Senior High School, a gift upon graduation or just simply pleasure reading. It was owned by Margaret May Foose, a 1930 graduate of William Penn. Also of interest: Old York County Boy Scout camp still teaching lessons and York exhibit observes Scout leadership, Cub Pack 11’s history, community volunteerism and William Penn Senior High School Hall of Fame honors a host of York County achievers.

Dover’s Chris Wolz brought in a book linked to William Penn Senior High School after reading my recent York Sunday News column on the 1921 class.
He had picked up a book in a Girl Scouts series somewhere that was owned by Margaret May Foose.
Identification of the owner came easily… .
A handwritten note inside stated: “Margaret May Foose has graduate from the William Penn Senior High School at York, Pennsylvania in January 1930… .”

Margaret May Foose’s doodling produced this drawing, perhaps of Rosana Horton.
Principal C.B. Heinly delivered the diploma.
The doodling inside the book fascinated Chris Wolz.
Well-drawn portraits, presumably from the hand of Margaret, filled several pages. One appeared to represent Rosana Horton, perhaps a classmate. Another the Duchess of York.
The Duke and Duchess rolled through York in 1941, and it would be fascinating to know if Margaret May Foose was there that day.
“I just wonder if any of the class of 1930 is still alive,” Chris said.
And he wondered about Margaret.
A 2002 obituary in the York Daily Record lists the death of a Margaret May ( Foose) Williams, 89, of York. She was the wife of the late Ernest Williams and the late Gordon Collier and a graduate of William Penn, Class of 1930.
She was survived by six sons and daughters and a number of grandchildren and great- grandchildren.
The obituary does not list details about Margaret May Williams’ occupation, whether she showed an artistic talent.
As for that class, some might be alive. They would be nearing 100, and every York County nursing home has some of those centenarians.
In fact, York County has a link to school student from the early 1920s.
Helen Wheat turned 108 years old recently.
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