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Gettysburg Dedication Day 150: 6 best story, photo and video links

An Abraham Lincoln re-enactor does not speak, but listens in the Nov. 19 observance of the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Events linked to the 150th continue this week in Gettysburg. For extensive Gettysburg coverage, check out: Gettysburg 150. Also of interest: Check out these York Town Square stories and photos about the Civil War.

Some links to follow from the milestone 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on Tuesday:

1. Watch an archived livestream of the ceremony at Gettysburg National Military Park in which the Gettysburg Address was read. (Works best with Google Chrome browser).

2. Here’s the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ overall story on Nov. 19 observances: Lincoln’s words resonate.

3. For a photo gallery of the Nov. 19’s observances, check out: Gettysburg Address 150th. Actually, here’s a second Gettysburg photo gallery.

4. People from all over used social media in a big way on Nov. 19. This brings it all together so you can see the day as it unfolded: Recap of Dedication Day.

5. Bloggers have been hard at work. Check out Stephen H. Smith’s  Subsequent to the Gettysburg Address; Civil War Election of 1864, Scott Mingus’ 150 years ago: The Gettysburg Address, June Lloyd’s Partisan politics and the Gettysburg Address and my Gettysburg 150, Nov. 19 edition: 6 best story, photo and video links.

6. Gettysburg Address 150th observances are not over yet: Gettysburg events.

Plus 1:

This is an interesting story, with this headline: Professor: U.S. Colored Troops were the true rebels in Civil War