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Gettysburg Address 150: Check out these 5 memorable story and photo links

Gettysburg-national-cemetery-webThis York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News graphic gives seven Gettysburg sites to see – whether it’s in this season of Gettysburg Address 150 or anytime. (Press control/+ on your keyboard to enlarge). Also of interest: Check out these Civil War-related stories and photos on York Town Square blog.

Links to get you oriented and settled in to enjoy – and learn from – events and activities related to the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s delivery of the Gettysburg Address.

1. All stories and photos from the York Daily Record, Evening Sun in Hanover and Public Opinion in Chambersburg appear on this site: Gettysburg 150. One-stop viewing there.

2. Here is some nuts-and-bolts information and navigating Gettysburg, always a tricky maneuver.

3. Remember the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg? Here are some links that will bring back memories.

4. This Adams County man, Bill Hewitt, turns witness tree wood into, well, interesting stuff.

5. This is an interesting PennLive story about the Harrisburg Patriot’s dim view of Lincoln’s speech in 1863. (The York Gazette, forerunner to the York Daily Record, didn’t recognize the speech’s greatness either.)

Plus 1:

trainThe golden spike joined railroads out west after the Civil War, but those trains were from the Civil War era, so we’ll count it here. Wonder when the last time two trains met nose-to-nose in York County? Well, we’ve had our share of train accidents, but this Steam into History day was all fun. Also of interest: See photo gallery of this meetup.