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Lincoln’s Address 150: Check out 5 more memorable story and photo/video links

The German Reformed Church Cemetery in Hanover, Pa., was the site of 11 Union fighting men who fell in the Battle of Hanover on June 30, 1863. Their bodies were later exhumed and reburied in the national cemetery in Gettysburg, the site of Gettysburg Address 150 observances this week. But back in Hanover, the historical cemetery has fallen on hard times. “Instead of the flowers and flags one might think would adorn a historic burial plot, Hanover’s German Reformed Cemetery is a cluster of nearly illegible stones, toppled and cracked in a lonely lot on School Avenue behind Trinity United Church of Christ,” the Evening Sun in Hanover reported. For more, see: Hanover Cemetery in disrepair. Also of interest: Gettysburg Address 150: Check out these 5 memorable story and photo links.

Bodies of fighting men were exhumed from the German Reformed Cemetery after the Battle of Hanover, as documented in this famous photograph. For more, see: York County’s best-known exhumation.

Five more memorable Gettysburg Address 150 links … .


Abe Lincoln, or at least a re-enactor, appeared in Hanover Junction Sunday as part of Steam into History’s Gettysburg Address 150 observances. Lincoln passed through Hanover Junction on his way to and from Gettysburg. Check out this photo gallery.

2. Stephen H. Smith blogs about where Lincoln stood in giving his Gettysburg Address.

3. James Getty is the best-known Lincoln living historian, and he’ll have the honor of delivering the Gettysburg Address on Tuesday. Here’s a bit more on the appropriately named James Getty.

4. The Gettysburg Address is a sacred but elusive text. “No definitive edition exists of the speech that countless children have memorized, the Associated Press reported.

5. For complete coverage of the Gettysburg 150th anniversary, visit ydr.com/gettysburg150. Included there is a calendar of events on and related to Dedication Day. Follow live coverage of Dedication Day events on Nov. 19 and Remembrance Day events on Nov. 23 at ydr.com.

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We’ll keep reminding people of the need for a marker to recognize the lone mortality in the Battle of Wrightsville – the black Union fighting man who died the trenches. The YDR makes its case about the battle, in which blue and gray forces squared off in the days before the Battle of Gettysburg: Battle of Wrightsville.