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Gettysburg 151: 4 scenes from around the battlefield and region

The western gate to Gettysburg borough, marked by Robert E. Lee’s headquarters, will look far different in a future visit to Gettysburg. That key entry into Gettysburg will lose the familiar Appalachian Brewing Company and Quality Inn. The Civil War Trust will pay $5.5 million and transfer the property to the National Park Service, according to an Evening Sun in Gettysburg report. (See an ‘after’ photograph below.) Also of interest – Another Gettysburg 151st moment: A Black Civil War heroism and how his deeds in Wrightsville came to be recognized. 


Lee’s headquarters, as envisioned after restoration of land to its 1863 appearance. The acquisition is expected to take place in early 2015. Also: Other Evening Sun coverage of the 151st anniversary.

3 more scenes from Gettysburg region … .

New: The bells of Seminary Ridge:

Big name speakers:

Sacred Trust lectures at the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitors Center: continue today and Sunday. Every hour, a different speaker mounts the podium of the tent outside the visitor center. Allen C. Guelzo, author of the feted ‘Gettysburg: The Last Invasion’ was one of the name-brand speakers on July 4. This book is on my reading list. Some friends read it together and remarked at the fresh material Guelzo brought forth. They remarked that because of his theological training, he sees things differently than other historians. He fielded a question along those lines on July 4. After the speeches, the presenters sign books in the visitors center, so you can meet these well-known chroniclers of Gettysburg and the Civil War.

 On the road to Gettysburg: Can you ID this statue?