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Best Gettysburg 150 moments: First of two re-enactments highlights weekend

Gettysburg 150th Anniversary

Two Texans, re-enactors with the Confederate Red River Battalion, are part of those arriving in Gettysburg for this weekend’s re-enactment, one of two planned as part of Gettysburg 150. The re-enactment is one of a slew of activities in southcentral Pennsylvania this weekend in the buildup to observances next week of Gettysburg 150. For a detailed calendar of events, see Gettysburg 150. Check out this slideshow of re-enactors at Gettysburg. Also of interest: Gettysburg 100: Re-enactors were around then, too.

Gettysburg 150 stories and photos from all over … .

Two York County observances of the Confederate invasion of York took place Thursday afternoon: An observance at York’s Central Market and a speech by Mayor Kim Bracey. Here’s a gallery of the Central Market event.

Good hands: Evening Sun Editor Marc Charisse says Hanover’s history is in healthy hands.

Can’t miss this: The Digital First Media video is aptly titled: Take a look at the Union’s ultimate weapon during the Civil War.

Little remembered: With all this Gettysburg 150 coverage, it’s easy to overlook the closing of the old York Post Office.

Forum of the day: Exchangers are discussing the Confederate invasions, yes, invasions, into Pennsylvania.


shoe_500History mystery photo: It was an old custom to hide shoes, horse skulls and corsets in walls of homes and buildings, perhaps for good luck. This shoe was recovered recently in renovations of a York/Adams building to make way for a museum. Can you ID the building? (Answer is here: York/Adams mystery.)