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Common genealogical query: ‘Is there still anyone living … related to this David Miller?’

The York County Heritage Trust archives’ genealogy section offers resources for families to search out their ancestors. Background posts: Genealogists find mother lode in York County, Unsung “York County history in print” touted and Peeking into Pennsylvania’s attic .

Mabel Lou Brown’s request for family members is among scores that flood York County in a month.
She’s looking for a family members of a relative named Miller who died in 1879 and is buried in York County.
At least she has a year of death and location of his burial.
This one seems solvable, although any researcher will tell you that a common name like Miller complicates things… .

Floridian Bob Kerr was among the pilgrims who flock to the York County Heritage Trust library in recent years to research families. Kerr’s family members lived in Adams County from the mid-1700s until they migrated to Ohio in the early 1800s.
As written here before, the place for Mabel Lou Brown to start is the York County Heritage Trust’s archives. Worst case, she’ll have to scroll a year’s worth of newspaper microfilm to find the obituary and thus leads about siblings. Best case, his obituary will be in a Miller file with other family information.
This query comes from Astoria, Ill., but Heritage Trust archivists will do some research at no cost and detailed work for a fee. The Web site explains things more.
We go through this here because such genealogical requests are common, and to go through this might be helpful.
Fortunately, this one seems solvable.
Oh yes, here is Mabel Lou Brown’s query:

“… I am from Illinois and for 20 years have been searching for the family of my great-great grandfather, David Miller, born 1809, married to Anna Margaretha Wolfgang. David lived in Codorus as long as I can locate anyone. He died in 1879 and is buried in York County. I have his family forward, her family back 4 generations, but am looking for anyone who can tell me more about David’s siblings and his parents. Is there still anyone living in the area who is related to this David Miller? I need help.

Mabel Lou Bucher Brown, PO Box 502, Astoria, IL 61501. Email: mlbrown626@logonix.net.