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From the Gettysburg battlefield, Part II: Cavalryman’s sword bears initials C.J.H.

This decoration on a sword from the Gettysburg Battlefield appears to be a soldier on horseback. It also bears the initials C.J.H. A intrepid York County, Pa., researcher has found possible Civil War soldiers who might have owned it. Today, West Manchester Township resident Dick Wilson owns the sword, which has been in his family for years. Also of interest:  From the Gettysburg battlefield, Part I: Cavalryman’s sword bears initials C.J.H.

A Civil War researcher has come up with some suggestions about the owner of a sword that has been in Dick Wilson’s family for generations.

James W. Brown from Shrewsbury emailed the following results of his sleuthing:

“Regarding your piece in Sunday’s paper about the cavalry sword with initials “C.J.H.,” I’ve been doing some research on your sword and found the following. There were 36 cavalry regiments (Union) who fought at Gettysburg and I combed through all the cavalry rosters via the American Civil War Research Database and found 5 possible cavalrymen with the initials C.J.H.

“They are:
Charles J. Higgins, 1st Maine Cavalry, Co.C, Private, 19years old
Charles J. Heath, 1st Michigan Cavalry, Co.L, Sergeant
Charles J. Hunter, 1st PA. Cavalry, Co. D, Private
Charles J. Harmon, 6th PA. Cavalry, Co.D, Private
Charles J. Hulslander, 16th PA. Cavalry, Co.D, Corporal

“Eliminate the following:
Charles Heath – discharged for disability 3/8/63, never saw Gettysburg
Charles Hunter – enlisted 3/15/64, too late for Gettysburg
Charles Higgins was only 19 years old and I just can’t accept that a raw recruit that age would have an engraved cavalry sword.
“Who’s left:
Charles Harmon – hardly any information found at all, enlisted 9/12/61 at Philadelphia, discharge is unknown
Charles Hulslander – From Bradford County, PA, Enlisted 9/29/62, was killed 7/28/64 at either the Demonstration on the North Side of the James River on 7/28 or at Malvern Hill on 7/28.
“Well, that’s it. Hope it helps.”

It does, James. I’ll make sure Dick sees this detective work.

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