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1 York, Pa. building, 100 years: From Red’s bikes to Redeux market

This photo shows employees of C.B. ‘Red’ Klinedinst’s bicycle store, 113-117 S. Duke St., in about 1950. The store continued to sell bicycle for decades after that before closing in 2012. Also of interest: Old-time York bike shop: ‘It’s like a store that time forgot’.

Red Klinedinst’s bike shop was kind of the place to go in the York area when it came time to buy – or repair – a two-wheeler.

The store served several generations in its 100 years of business. It increasingly faced competition from department stores, specialty bike shops and the Walmarts of York. Now, Red’s old building has seen a rebirth in Redeux, a vintage and handmade marketplace.

That store is part of the Royal Square initiative, along East King Street, which is headquartered around the The Bond redevelopment project and features a growing number of art galleries.

So here’s a look back at the store as Red’s and forward as Redeux in 7 photographs:

Ray Elfner was one of Red’s customers, using a Red’s Special to deliver Western Union telegrams in the Great Depression. 

Red’s offered a big bike repair business, as well. These drawers of bike parts, screws and bolts were part of the shop to its end. 

Charlotte Halpin started working at Red’s as a teen and was there when the store closed in 2012. Her decades there made her synonymous with Red’s. And she came to the Redeux grand opening, bridging the building’s past, present and future. 

Redeux is seen on its grand opening day in June.

Redeux is seen from approximately the same angle as the Red’s photo at top.

 One restored building – Redeux – paves the way for other renovations. Work is being done on the woodwork on the facade of the building next door.

Out back: This image come from the back of Redeux, in a courtyard. That’s an aptly named area for an attraction that can be seen as part of a project known as Royal Square.