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Frankenstorm: Check out these 10 links to stories, photos of Sandy, bad weather events

Practically everyone in York County prepared over the weekend for Sandy, the massive storm bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard. But in Long Level, they’re always in heightened alert. That stretch along the Susquehanna is notorious for flooding and receiving the brunt of the river. Here, boats are being moved to higher ground. Also of interest: Namesake of Dritt Mansion drowned in Susquehanna near Long Level.

On the morn of another bad storm, it’s time to provide some links, some historical, some just interesting:

1. Check out this slide show of photographs from last September’s storm: County drenched by heavy rains.

2. The photographs readers submit of bad weather are always popular. Again, see photos submitted by readers last September, visit: Your submitted photos. We hope you submit them today to Your Photos.

3. The YDR Facebook page has all kinds of conversations going on about the storm… .

4. Follow the YDR on Twitter for storm updates.

5. Read about York’s deadliest flood: ‘Pumpkin Flood’ inundated properties of early York countians, but 1817 high water killed 10.

6. Indian Rock Dam, York-area’s flood control impoundment, just blew out 70 candles on its birthday cake: Indian Rock Dam, controller of Codorus flooding, just celebrated its 70th birthday.

7. Two yorktownsquare.com categories: All bad weather posts from the start and All pain and trauma posts from the start.

8. You think today’s weather patterns are weird, check out York County residents passed through fire and water, or water and fire, in 1822.

9. Yorkblogger June Lloyd surveys bad weather events from York County’s past: York County people have weathered some serious storms.

10. A lot of this is from the past. To see what people are saying about Sandy, right now, check out this live feed about how people are weathering Sandy along the Eastern Seaboard.

A woman carries a fake palm tree away from the Susquehanna’s river bank in Long Level, downriver from Wrightsville in Lower Windsor Township. Also of interest: Drenched: Storm of Sept. 7, 2011 no Agnes and How York County history remembers past storms of epic size.