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How Sam Lewis State Park sightseers view Highpoint’s dome

That’s local conservationist Michael Helfrich arriving at the top of the hill at Samuel S. Lewis State Park in 2006. The dome-like elevation in the background is Highpoint, now a York County Park. At that time, its fate as a development site was up in the air. Sam Lewis park was named after the former Pennsylvania lieutenant governor from York County. Background posts: Where exactly is the York/Lancaster border?, Absorbing photo and overlay shows locations of six Susquehanna bridges and Lauxmont breeds queries of great import – or little.

A recent York Town Square post showed the view from Highpoint now that the controverted piece of land has become a York County park.
Now, we see the view of Highpoint from Samuel S. Lewis State Park.
But wait… .

Detractors of York County’s efforts to acquire Highpoint and big brother Lauxmont would argue that the mighty view of the Susquehanna River could be had from Sam Lewis Park.
Who needs two beautiful views? they asked.
Well, imagine the view from Sam Lewis if that Highpoint dome was covered with McMansions.
Sightseers would have to avert their eyes and look downstream.
Or upstream.
Or anywhere but in the direction of Highpoint and the sensational view beyond.
Twenty years from now, the $20 million price tag ordered for Highpoint (albeit badly inflated) will be forgotten.
But that view from Sam Lewis?
It’ll be worth a fortune.