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Hi Jim,
I just purchased the now, Apartment Building at 108 W. Front Street in Lewisberry. It is a historically beautiful building and I am trying to learn a little of it’s past. I apologize for bothering you with this, but do you have any info., interesting facts or pics of when it was the Fire
Do you happen to know when it was built and if it was built for the purpose of FireHouse? Or pics of Front Street in General from long ago? If not, do you know where I could look to find such info?
Again, I am sorry to bother you with this as I am sure you have many other important things to do so if it is too much of a burden, I understand. I am just very curious and fascinated with the structure and want to learn a little of its’ past. The previous owner has no info. on the building.
Kind Regards,
Chris Smith
Mr. McClure,
I am looking for information on the Lynch family in York before 1800. I have Stephen Lynch’s application for a Revolutionary War pension, and he claims to have lived in York Co. I find him on the 1790 census in York.
Around 1798 he moved his family to Rapides Parish, LA.
They were Irish Catholics. He was born in Armagh Co. Ireland in 1756. His father may have been Patrick Lynch or Linch. Common names in the family are Matthew, Henry, Stephen, Patrick and Charles.
Thank you for any help.
Sue Moore, sbmoore@swbell.net
I am looking for a picture of the “Light House Motor Corp.” (or any information about) I think it was located/with lighthouse on
West Market St. in the same block as the Memorial Hall entrance to the Fair. The property is where Ness’s Exxon was located for many years and in recent years was a used car lot.
Thanks much.
Debbie Frey
Where could I find information on The Livingston Family and the Eshelman Family…They are from Londonberry Township. The date would be back around the late 1700 and into 1805.
Mr. McClure, it was brought to my attention that in a book called “History of York County, Pennsyslvania” there is a list of people who sent a petition to the Governor seeking protection against the Indians. The date appeared to be 1756. I am most interested in two of the signers–Abraham McCarter and Alexander McCarter, hoping they might prove to be of my McArtor family. If you are able to view these signatures, is there any way you can throw some light on their appearance; i.e. are they clearly spelled McCarter? Any other suggestions, observations, or comments would be very much welcomed by me. Thank you, Robert McArtor (Alexandria, VA)
I have a question regarding a home on Temple School Road. The owners would like to know a little more about the history of the property. It is an old stone farmhouse located immediately beside the road. The stone is a pink color. The age is estimated in the early 1800’s. I am planning on doing a title search for the property but wondered if you would have any idea about this location, the road, anything. chanson@prioritymortgagegroup.com