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Walking in the footsteps with heroes: Linked in with neat York County history stuff – Feb. 25, 2011

This York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News video show several scenes from the annual Black History Fair at Crispus Attucks: ‘Walking in the Footsteps of Heroes.’ A quiz game was one of the activities. Here’s one question: “Due to the lack of facilities for training blacks as doctors and nurses, he organized the Provident Hospital, the first black hospital in the United States.” Who was this founder? (Answer below.) Check out this post from a past Accelerated Rehabilatative Communities history fair: Super Soaker founder feted at black history fair. Also of interest: All black history posts from the start and Lenny Moore has strong links to York and A short test of your York black history knowledge

Neat stuff from all over… .
I wrote this to run with a York Daily Record/Sunday News editorial (2/27/11) about a recent “Building York” summit … .
The showing of St. Elmo’s Fire screenwriter Carl Kurlander’s “My Tale of Two Cities” produced several telling moments.
For one thing, the Capitol Theatre was filled with young professionals, interested in making their city better. There have been times when such an evening would have attracted mainly folks with gray hair… .

And more than a couple of the young people stood up to identify themselves as part of the Steeler Nation. That means, in part, that they came from Pittsburgh to work here. Pittsburgh is known for producing pockets of Steeler fans — former Pittsburghers who have moved away — around the world.
It’s interesting how York also seems to be the center of the universe, its people achieving in all parts of the world.
One of those former Pittsburghers helped Carl Kurlander on his “My Tale” project as an intern and was recognized by her former boss.
Carrie Hamilton was a Carnegie Mellon University art student at the time.
She went on to ply her craft at Disney and now works as a graphic artist for the York Daily Record/Sunday News.
Pittsburgh’s loss is York County’s gain.
And York has been making a lot of gains recently.
Story of the day, I: Duke Ellington won a York Arts contest by competitors drawing people of achievement from black history. York’s Mayor Kim Bracey finished second. Check out the results.
Story of the day, II: Eastern York’s Andrew Nicholas is the new YAIAA basketball career scoring leading surpassing York Catholic’s Jacob Iati.
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*Answer to quiz question: Daniel Hale Williams. The hospital was founded in 1891 in Chicago.