York Town Square

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Two bandstands stood in York’s Farquhar Park in Northwest York’s early years

At one time, York, Pa.’s, Farquhar Park had two pavilions or gazebos or bandstands. The structure at right has been demolished, but the one at left is refurbished and used for concerts today. (See photo of Boy and Girl Fountain below.) Also of interest: About York’s Farquhar pool’s water: ‘He would demonstrate the safeness by drinking a cup’ and U.S. Army Field Band: Live at Farquhar Park and The ‘Little Courthouse,’ longtime Farquhar Park resident, still stands tall.

York Town Square reader Joel Boogher put forth a simple question under the post: Farquhar Park pool: ‘Good grief, how long has that pool been here?’
What was in Farquhar Park when the White Rose Amusement Park was here in 1920-1930?
I responded with info about the two gazebos or pavilions or bandstands (one of which stands today), and wide sidewalks and open space… .

This Boy and Girl fountain was a Farquhar Park landmark for years.
One noteworthy feature was a Boy and Girl fountain featuring small statues of boys and girls. All this courtesy of booklet “Northwest York, 1884-1984.”
In his 1907 history, George Prowell lists Farquhar Park, which started with a gift from York industrialist A.B. Farquhar as York City’s second park. Penn Park was established first.
Salem Park in the west end and Albemarle Park in the east end came next.
Today, York City has more than 20 parks.