York Town Square

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There were 5, count ’em, 5 York markets

Elaine P. Carr is seen with aprons she sells at the Farmers Market, Penn and West Market streets in York. The standowner uses various old fabrics – from tablecloths, vintage curtains and bib overalls – to sew aprons. Farmers Market is the oldest of York’s five original covered markethouses. Background posts: Central Market sells sizzle … and steak, The forgotten fifth York market house and Don’t know much about (York market) history?
A reader asked for some help in settling an argument between his father a friend of his father.
Which market house is older? The Farmers Market at Penn and Market streets or the Central Market House at Beaver and Philadelphia?…

The Penn Street Farmers Market has survived many challenges over the years, including this assault by a careless driver in 2002.
Well, the Farmers Market – at least the older part of the market – was constructed within years of the Civil War’s end. (Go inside and you can clearly see the division between the older part and the newer facade.) The Central Market was built in the late 1880s, the fourth of the five coveraged markets in York to go up.
The order?
1.Farmers Market
2. City Market
3. Eastern Market (the original market house on East Market Street)
4. Central Market
5. Carlisle AvenueMarket
And why were there five market houses?
Well, York was the market center for the county, and each market house possibly served farmers closest to each market and, of course, customers in their respective areas of town.
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