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Story Night in Manchester Township village: ‘Neat stuff in, around and about Emigsville’

‘The two brightest objects in the night sky – the moon and the planet Venus – bracket the steeple of St. Mark Lutheran Church in Emigsville before dawn Wednesday,’ York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photograph Paul Kuehnel wrote in the caption for this photo in May 2006. The Emigsville community will play host to a Story Night at 7 p.m., Tuesday, at Otterbein United Methodist Church. (See additional photo from Emigsville below.) Also of interest: Roundtown in Manchester Township, York County, Pa.? Where did that come from? and Pottery put the other Foustown – the one in Manchester Township – on the map and Reader looking for info on Manchester’s long-closed Rentzel’s Farm Implements.

Emigsville’s Story Nights are a little different than many planned community events.
First, they’re sponsored by an ad hoc group of interested community residents. The town is in Manchester Township and thus does not have a town council. This gives the evening a neat grass roots feel… .

Secondly, when you speak there, as I am set to do Tuesday, you’re not expected to give a long presentation. What you do is put out a topic – I’ll do that via projected photographs – give a little background and then stand back and let the audience add to or give their views.
At least, that’s what I did in my first Story Night there last year.
And they asked me back.
So, feel free to attend this free event: ‘Neat stuff in, around and about Emigsville.’
Also of interest:
Highway, railroad, trolley put Manchester Township’s Emigsville on the map.

The Emigsville Community Band still performs. At one time, many such bands entertained in communities throughout York County. Today, community bands are rare.
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