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Emigsville’s Emig Mansion: 3 views of this wonderful York County landmark

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The Emig Mansion Bed & Breakfast. Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News
The Emig Mansion is one of York County, Pa.’s finest homes. It’s been a bed-and-breakfast in recent years and will remain so, under new hosts. The operators, Bill and Lori Fitzell, are presenting the mansion’s Civil War connection. And rightly so. Emigville was swarming with Confederates before the Battle of Gettysburg. Jubal Early’s rebel division was spread out in Emigsville and throughout York County’s central valley. Historian Scott Mingus says homeowner and prominent businessman John Emig Jr. negotiated a deal with the Confederates to save his home and provide enough food for his family. The invaders damaged his businesses. Check out two more Emig Mansion images below. Also of interest: Transportation-oriented Emigsville a walkable York-area community with lots of community.


Second floor hall and a bedroom. Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News
This is a second floor view of the hall and a bedroom in the Emig Mansion. The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. For more interior and exterior photos, check out this YDR photo gallery. Also of interest: Missourian interested in the Emig Mansion, that engaging Emigsville landmark.

York County stood in the line of fire in the Civil War. Photo courtesy "Echoing Still: More Civil War voices from York County, Pa."
This is the Emig House in the 1800s. Then as now, it’s the most prominent structure in the village of Emigsville. This image comes courtesy of the Emig Mansion.


Neat, unrelated stuff from all over … .

Another major distribution center is going up on the west campus at Harley-Davidson in Springettsbury Township.

That part of campus is best known as the former location of York Safe & Lock, Naval Ordnance Depot, AMF and, of course, Harley Davidson.

So we have distribution and warehousing operating on a site formerly occupied by heavy industry – Bofors anti-aircraft guns and motorcycles. Now comes more service-oriented operations.

Surely, business is changing in York County, Pa.

You could say companies and jobs moving here of any type are welcome.

Utz and Clarks: Two other iconic York County companies made the news recently.

Utz is expanding into the former Clarks shoe warehouse in Conewago Township, Adams County.

Clarks, of course, bought the Hanover Shoe line years ago. Utz is expanding its “better-for-you” snack business. So all this provides a sign of the times.

Manufacturing (Clarks) is declining and service (Utz) is growing, particularly in a time when people are looking to eat more healthy fare. So one way to track change around here is to study what’s happening with real estate.

McClures: Posing for the photo
The names on the back of this photo appear to be Mary McClure and Roella Maclure. Gary ‘Pappy’ Heiland and his daughter Brenda Hager went through old family pictures when they came across this one. To my knowledge, they are not related to me. Our branch of the McClures tended to keeping going west to Washington County. Maybe a reader knows about the McClures pictured here.

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