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Emailer from Holland: In search of the family of Amos Palmer from York, Pa.

York City Policeman Amos Palmer poses for a photograph, part of a cache found on eBay by a resident of The Netherlands. The photo’s owner is looking for Palmer’s family members, particularly the Jackson family from York. Also of interest: Check out these updated lists of pioneering York County minorities, women.

Jan Paul Arends from The Netherlands found a photo of pioneering York City Police Officer Amos Palmer on eBay. He’s looking for family members so he can gift that photos and others to those who would appreciate them.

Here is his excerpted email:

“Your blog showed up in Google while I was searching for “Amos Palmer”. Amos was mentioned in your article about Thomas Chatman Jr. (2008).

“By the way.. the number of articles on your blog is quite impressive. I hope you can find the time to give me a hint on this.

“The thing is… I bought this old moldy slide case  on Ebay with hundred of slides from a Jackson family from York. Amongst the slides is also a picture of Amos.

“I’m trying to find this Jackson family. Or someone who knows them / has known them.

I want to give them back this piece of personal history in a digital form. But it’s rather hard to find the right family. Even with all social media possibilities of today.

“Twittering ‘Hello Jackson family… can you hear me’ is pretty useless ;-).

“I can imagine that my search is not very interesting to you but maybe you know a local (media) source whom I can contact.

“Maybe someone can tell me of these houses still exist and which neigborhood this is (or was).”

Jan apologized for his poor English – “high school has been a while ago.” There’s nothing wrong with his English and plenty right about the size of his heart.

If you have information about Amos Palmer’s relatives, please contact: janpaularends@gmail.com or janpaul@rootzj.com.

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