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Part III: York County, Pa., resident answers call for photos of Conewago Creek’s Elm Beach

This is Elm Beach on the Conewago Creek in 1925, it’s heyday. It was still reachable by trolley at that point and drew large crowds. Slightly left of center is the large cement platform that formed the beach. This view is looking from the Manchester side north, just east of the trolley trestle. A pier of that trestle stands today in the middle of the creek. Also of interest: Also of interest: Part of Conewago Creek’s Elm Beach still visible a and Big Conewago serves as physical, symbolic divider of York County culture and Growing off-peak trolley ridership in York County: Build a park.

I was setting up for a presentation on southeastern York County at Sprenkle Village this week when a kind woman walked up with photograph of a scene from the northeastern part of the county.
Arlene Updegraff presented the photo above, a post card view of Elm Beach, the swimming hole opposite Cold Springs Park, north of Manchester borough.
It was the best view I’ve scene of the operation that drew thousands each summer in the first third of the 20th century… .

The card was written by Ervin Klinedinst to his mother, Mrs. Robert (Annie) Klinedinst, grandmother of Arlene.
“Am having a fine time,” Ervin wrote about the quality of the fishing and other fun on the creek.
I asked Arlene if I could make a photocopy, and she gave me the card.
Much appreciated, and I’ll give it to the York County Heritage Trust archives so it will be available for future generations of swimmers and fishermen.
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