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Antique device in Dover: ‘ Problem is, no one knows what it is’

Hundreds viewed this item recently at the Dover (Pa.) Firemen’s Fair on Canal Road in Dover borough. But no one could identify its purpose. (See additional photo below.) Background posts: Is this a York County farm truck or is it just a wagon with a motor? and The Acme Tongue Carrier of Hanover, Pa.: Are there any around today? and York County group preserving Pennsylvania Dutch language, heritage.

There’s a mystery machine in Dover, and folks at the Great Dover Historical Society are looking for someone who can crack the case… .

“It was donated to the Society by someone who found it in an old barn in the township,” historical society member Jo Ott wrote in an email. “Problem is, no one knows what it is or what its purpose might have been.”
Some people have suggested its some sort of weight or a roller, although its four wheels do not turn.
Those with suggestions can call Jo Ott at 932-2102 or comment below.