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List of luminaries with Dover-area links lengthens with addition of George Leader

In this 2004 photo, George Leader hands an ornamental chicken to Paul Masenheimer, who painted his nursing home – Providence Place – in York County’s Dover Township. Leader bought the chicken to place outside the nursing home and to serve as a reminder of the link between chickens and the Leader family. His father was a renowned chicken breeder, and Leader began his career running a chicken hatchery. Background posts: Author muscles way into York’s weightlifting, bodybuilding world and Gov. George Leader cleared dam plan.

York County Register of Wills Bradley C. Jacobs, a Dover-area native, pointed to several achievers to add to those that I pointed out in my column, Dover home to many achievers.

He particularly pointed to George Leader, the only Pennsylvania governor to come from York County. Leader grew up in York Township – Leader Heights. But after serving in World War II, Leader operated a chicken hatchery in Dover Township. That was his day job as he launched a political career… .

Jacobs correctly indicated that Muscletown U.S.A. guru Bob Hoffman also had Dover-area links.
A transplant from Georgia to York County, Hoffman is associated with his original company, York Oil Burner, in York City, and York Barbell, his legacy company along Route 83, north of York. His land in the Jacobus area became Nixon Park. But Hoffman had extensive property holdings near Bob Hoffman YMCA branch in the Dover area and owned nearby Brookside Park for years.
Jacobs also named Harry Little, a first-team All-American in soccer his last two years at Penn State and longtime Dover soccer coach, and other achievers with Dover links.
But just as intriguing, he used his own example to show interconnections among York County families.
His York County relations include:
Department store owner Peter Wiest is a 1st cousin 4 generations removed.
Four-star Gen. Jacob Devers is a 6th cousin 2 generations removed.
York Safe & Lock’s S. Forry Laucks is a 3rd cousin 3 generations removed.
Printing press manufacturer John C. Motter is a 4th cousin 2 generations removed.
This gives credence to an old saying that you better not say anything bad about anyone in York County. You might be speaking ill of a relative, and it’s sure to get back.
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