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Red Lion doctor treated both Revolutionary War soldier and people alive today

In reading up on Red Lion for a speech this week, I ran across one of my favorite York County stories.
The story, pregnant with meaning, is told about Dr. John M. Hyson, 1850-1931, commonly known as the father of Red Lion… .

While in medical school in Baltimore, the Hopewell Township man had treated a man who had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, a drummer boy who lived to be at least 100.
“Interesting,” Red Lion’s 1980 centennial history states, “in that Dr. Hyson was known by many Red Lioners living today.”
Even today, if you ask a group of senior citizens in Red Lion if they knew Doc Hyson, some will say, “He delivered me.”
And the meaning gained from all this?
American history is, indeed, young. If a physician treated people living today as well as a man who was born before America gained its independence, we’re still a young’un among nations of the world.