York Town Square

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Did the Babe visit York?

Jason (jshow16@suscom.net), an autograph collector, has picked up the “mother lode,‿ a Babe Ruth signature from the 1920s. It was written on Hotel Penn letterhead.
Where was the Hotel Penn, he asked?

The Hotel Penn, razed some years ago, sat on the southeast corner of East Philadelphia and North George streets in York. After serving as a parking lot for years, that site has seen a little construction in recent times. York County’s massive new judicial center stands there now.
Any why was the Babe in York?
Not sure, but the Babe’s Baltimore roots probably brought him through York on occasion.
Maybe someone out there knows.
Btw, others out there seeking information on any range of York County historical topics are free to post here. If I know anything, I’ll try to respond. But maybe someone out there has your answer.
(The answer to both the Hotel Penn and Babe in York questions can be found in a subsequent post. Click on Babe, indeed, visited York.)