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Did Abe Lincoln see this Hanover Junction clock? Linked in with neat York County history stuff, Aug. 1, 2012

More neat stuff below: Boring Furniture/Ebert Furniture/Craig Walker

Did Abraham Lincoln glance at this clock as he waited for a train to take him to Gettysburg in November 1863 to deliver what became known as the Gettysburg Address? People often do when waiting for a connection. We’ll never know, but it is known that this Northern Central Railway timepiece hung in the Hanover Junction train station, site of Lincoln’s visit, in the Civil War era. It’s up for auction at Old Tyme Auction in Abbottstown. To read more about the history of the clock, see: Clock from Hanover Junction up for auction. Also of interest: York County loses chronicler of its history, a specialist on Hanover Junction.

Neat stuff from all over … .

Queries about the fine products made for decades by North York’s Boring Furniture keep flowing into yorktownsquare.com.

Here’s one from Gloria Lee:

“My daughter purchased a wooden pedestal table from an Antique Store yesterday. It is a rectangular table at first glance, then when you turn the table top clockwise, it reveals a storage area and the sleeve opens over the storage area to make a square table.

W”hat can you tell me about the Boring Company? And their furniture?

“The table is beautiful. And my daughter and I are intrigued of its story.”

If you have information, contact Gloria, glee68_86@yahoo.com

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of background: Family member would like Boring Furniture Co. of North York, Pa., to be remembered

And then there’s Ebert Furniture: People across America are interested in background about Red Lion’s Ebert Furniture, as well.

In fact, Red Lion borough has a notice on its website about Ebert.

See the number of queries about Ebert at the bottom of this blog post and feel free to add to that thread: Red Lion’s Ebert Furniture: From bedroom suites to gunstocks

Forum of the day: York City/Spring Garden’s Eberts Lane is actually a beautiful rural road for much of its length: . That is, until someone comes along and dumps a mattress, as this picture shows. The road has become a favorite dumping spot. Thoughts on what can be done to stop disgusting dumping on our beautiful roads? Please comment below.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Craig Walker, a York Suburban grad, visited the York Daily Record/Sunday News the other day for a brown bagger.