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Delta’s Welsh mining cottages: ‘Some day they’ll be in good repair’

This is a clear shot of one of the four remaining original Welsh cottages just north of the Mason-Dixon Line in the Delta/Peach Bottom Township area. The Old Line Museum has begun to restore two of these cottages, built for workers of the slate quarries in the 1850s. Background posts: Coulsontown’s Welsh miners’ cottages: ‘Once they’re gone, there’s nothing else like them’, Digging Coulsontown: ‘This is not Indiana Jones’ and Time almost forgot Welsh miner’s hamlet of Coulsontown.

Ruth Ann Robinson, Old Line Museum, has given a heads up about public tours of Welsh cottages in the Delta area in southeastern York County Saturday.
The tours are set for 2-4 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 11.
The day before, a class of anthropology students from Harford Community College will gain training on the ins and outs of professional digs… .

An open dig is planned for Saturday and Sunday.
The work is part of the Old Line Museum’s restoration of the cottages.
“Some day they will be in good repair,” she wrote in an email.
To understand more about the slate quarrying and the Delta-Peachbottom area, see information about the authoritative book ‘The River and the Ridge,” at Horse, buggy one-room school make county comeback.
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