York Town Square

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Del-Chords continue to jar York County memories

Bill Schintz, York photo studio owner, captured The Del-Chords during a reunion about 10 years ago. Also of interest: The battling bands of White Oak Park and People lined up to see the Del-Chords at White Oak Park.

Jim Isenberg is the latest to comment on a past Del-Chords’ post about all those who made up the band over the years:

As Dave Bupp has said, The Del-Chords were comprised of a “host of characters”. If memory serves, they included Dave Bupp, Bill “Cheeks” Schlosser, Jeff Hildebrand, Jere Hetrick, Edward “Buck” Generette, Otto “Spike” Sexton, Edward “Ike” Bowers, Allen “Jap” Shue, Don Sponsler, Dale Saxon, Ernie Banks, Ron Searle, and Adrian “Buddy” King. Does anyone out there have any additions or corrections?

Local ace photographer Bill Schintz e-mailed a note about the band titled “Del-Chords unfair!” …

Every time a member of the Del-Chords would show up at the Ramona Restaurant all the girls would go bananas. When Cheeks Schlosser would drive up in his classic MG-TD wearing his Cuda jacket, blue oxford shirt, khaki pants and penny loafers, girls would go nuts. This was unfair for all the other teenage boys in town.

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