York Town Square

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Creativity Unleashed at 5: On York, Pa.’s streets


Call it street art. Industrial art. Call it a concrete – or metal – example of the brand ‘Creativity Unleashed.’ This and other sculptures throughout York, Pa.’s downtown point to the idea of the city as  ‘America’s Industrial Art & Design Capital.’ For a map of this art, made from pieces of old machinery, check out: Industrial Art. Also of interest: Obscure F.O.E. building to become colorful beacon of York, Pa.’s renaissance.

York County had outdoors artwork on its streets as far back as 1927.

That’s when 16 large paintings were posted on poles around York’s square in the 1927 sesquicentennial of the adoption of the Articles of Confederation.

Most recently, contemporary art made from old factory machinery is visible around York’s downtown.

I created a photo gallery with captions to give this nearly century-long tour of this very public art:

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street1Someone has written about this elevated bird, on North George Street in the stadium district, is an apt companion for the downtown’s chirping traffic lights. This artwork is named ‘City Birds.’