York Town Square

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Could York bus drivers also point out historic sites?

post office
Many people pass this ornate building not knowing it served as a post office. A caller suggests that Rabbittransit drivers could be trained to point out such features as they transport customers.

Callers and e-mailers often contribute great ideas linking to York County history:
Contact 1: A longtime phone source, just back from Las Vegas, called with this idea: Why not train Rabbittransit drivers to give tours of landmark buildings around the city? Build up tourism, community pride and perhaps bus traffic that way. He got this idea from public transit operators in Sin City.
Response: That makes sense, and there are ample resources out there to train drivers. Try: Scott Butcher’s Civil War walking tour or a tour of the Murals of York… .

Contact 2: A representative of a women’s group with Civil War ties opined that few people have a clue about the time and money involved in restoring and maintaining statues. Gettysburg makes the news all the time, but consider the costs of York’s many monuments.
Response: She’s right. The number of monuments is growing, including one of Marquis de Lafayette on Friday and Brooks Robinson in the spring. /yorktownsquare/2006/10/lorann-jacobs-sculpts-york-cou Often overlooked is maintenance of the Murals of York, under the bailiwick of the York County Heritage Trust. Some of those panels are visibly deteriorating.
Contact 3: Debra A. Heckman wrote: I was born and raised in York. I married and have been living in Centre County for 15 yrs. My heart will always be in York. I remember and cherish the weekly trips to central market. I seem to remember a local artist having paintings of the market house. Does anyone know where I might purchase one?
Response: There are a lot of Central Market drawings, postcards and photographs out there.

Does anyone know the name of artist she is referring to?