York Town Square

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Columnist adds to sense of community in York

The Civil War monument in York’s Penn Park, seen in this post card view facing south, was a topic in a 1912 history book given to columnist Gordon Freireich. The book listed Freireich’s merchant-family, filling in some blanks in his family’s history.
York Sunday News columnist Gordon Freireich provides interesting stories of York every week in the newspaper’s Viewpoints section.
Sometimes, he brings the reader back to another time in York, as he did in this past Sunday’s column: York history book… .

His weekly column appears in the Opinion section of ydr.com. So, if you’re a Web-only reader, you can find him, too!
Meanwhile, his work is another example of the York Daily Record/York Sunday News’ efforts to create virtual – and real – historical communities: “Virtual historical community on the Web.