York Town Square

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Colorful view of a classic little red school house in York County, Pa.

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Here’s another wonderful York County, Pa., scene courtesy of Dianne Bowders – the old Raab’s School near Raab’s Fruit Farms in York Township. It was one of about 300 one-room schools operating in the county before World War II. This classic little red school house gave way to regional elementary schools in the 1950s (see below). As for this photo, a commenter of Dianne Bowders’ Flickr account wrote: ‘Such clean and beautiful colours!!’ Indeed. Also of interest: About education and OLLI and one-room schools in York County, Pa.



York Township Elementary School sits on a hill in Spry. It is the successor school to Raab’s one-room school. Also of interest: Other stories and photos of one-room schools in York County.

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A reader is looking for information on the old Davidsburg Hotel. Some friends recently purchased the place in Dover Township.

“I was hoping to find a print of the building during it’s better years, to give them as a housewarming gift,” she wrote. “I have found some history on the Civil War days, but no images. Do you know if there are any photos or drawings/paintings of the hotel?”

I looked in the York Daily Record’s archives and couldn’t find such a photo. I directed her to the Heritage Trust or Historic York. If you can help her, please comment below and I’ll get your information to her.

Meet the collector: Red Lion’s Skip Palmer and his 150ish sleds.



At York Town Square, we know York countians have a love affair with their cars. So we keep you apprised of the history of wheels around here. Terry Zellers is a great source on such things, providing information on Trone car history. ‘Here is a picture of my dad (Quack) the short flagman,’ he wrote. ‘You can see where the racing came from… .’

History Mystery: York countians enjoy trying to ID towns around here. See how you do: