York Town Square

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Cumberland County collector about bus or train sign: ‘Excited to snag this piece of local history’

This bus or train roll sign lists various towns, including several in York County, on the vehicle’s run, leading its proud Cumberland County owner to inquire about more information on this interesting artifact. Other artifacts of interest: Cumberland County reseacher seeks info on Emigsville’s American Acme-built fire engine and The Acme Tongue Carrier of Hanover, Pa.: Are there any around today? and Antique device in Dover: ‘ Problem is, no one knows what it is’.

From time to time, York Town Square viewers turn up rare or strange or intriguing artifacts that they can’t wait to learn more about.
Dana Bender of Mechanicsburg, as one example, is looking for information about a bus or train roll signs that inform passengers of the vehicle destination.
Here is Dana’s query:

I just purchased what appears to be a bus or train roll sign in a canvas material which reads the following cities and I was wondering if you might be able to help me determine which one it is or what year it may be from. I purchased it for myself at a flea market in Denver, PA and was excited to snag this piece of local history as I live in Mechanicsburg. I’ve searched and searched online but don’t seem able to locate anything conclusive.
The sign reads:
East Berlin

Please comment if you can shed any information on this artifact.