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Codorus Creek had swinging bridge, but ‘You couldn’t swing it much’

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‘We kids would go up there on that swinging bridge in the summertime and, in between working hours, we’d dive off of the bridge into the creek or we’d make it swing. You couldn’t swing it much, but a little bit. We had great times there at that swinging bridge.’ Late in life, Raymond Sechrist provided these boyhood recollections of this swinging bridge.This tightly bound span provided a short cut for workers walking from North York to York Safe & Lock and back. It crossed at Small Meadow. Thanks to Papergreat.com for making this colorized postcard available. It was addressed to Miss Georgia B. Klinefelter of East Orange, N.J., in 1911. The photo in this YorkTownSquare post – When the bridge over the Codorus moved – provides a black-and-white view of the bridge and the story with it provides other Sechrist memories. Also of interest: Check out these other stories and photos about York Safe & Lock.

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Another Papergreat.com postcard drew extensive commenting from students of history trying to figure out its location.

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Soho. Codo. Now Weco? That’s the new marketer’s name for what was formerly the antiques district west of the Codorus Creek in York City. Originally, that district was known as Bottstown until brought into the city. So now it’s Weco, west of the Codorus.

Another postcard view: Hard to tell if this postcard was to observe the opening of the park for its first season or just any season. But here it is, courtesy of Twitter.

@JamesMcClure I thought you might enjoy this postcard. I found it in the husband’s collection. #YorkCounty #history pic.twitter.com/dgr9BZRx6X

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