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In recent years, York County presidential endorsements a mixed bag

President Reagan received a Harley-Davidson jacket during his visit to York County in 1987. Three years earlier, he also received the York Daily Record’s endorsement for the presidency. Background posts: Solomon Meyer ‘forsook the publishing business and betook himself elsewhere’,McCarthy probe could not corral J.W. Gitt and Criticism of Geno’s leads to ‘commie’ claim.

From the late 1700s to well into the 20th century, York County played host to idealogically driven newspapers.
In fact, journalism history reveals that the reason many newspapers – including the predecessors to the York Daily Record and York Sunday News – were created was to promote certain political parties.
Historically, The Gazette and Daily was the Democratic newspaper and The York Dispatch was Republican… .

For a couple of quick examples of how these political ideologies played out:
The York Dispatch’s predecessor, The True Democrat, was founded in 1864 to provide a strong Republican voice against Democratic competitors then lacking in York. One hundred years later, one of those competitors once or twice removed, The Gazette and Daily, refused advertising from Barry Goldwater stating, in effect, that the Arizona senator was bad for America’s health.
Ownership changes spelled a break with tradition:
In 1984, the York Daily Record, successor to The Gazette and Daily, officially broke ranks with its Democratic past and endorsed Ronald Reagan for president.
In 1992, the Dispatch threw a change up and backed Democrat Bill Clinton.
Since then, both newspapers have crossed parties on several occasions. The Daily Record’s endorsements, including this weekend’s nod toward Barack Obama, follow:
Previous presidential endorsements:
1984 – Ronald Reagan (R)
1988 – George H. W. Bush (R)
1992 – Bill Clinton (D)
1996 – Bill Clinton (D)
2000 – Al Gore (D)
2004 – George W. Bush (R)
2008 – Barack Obama (D)
Sometimes, people think an endorsement reflects the thinking of reporters, photographers and everyone in a newsroom.
Since at least 1988 at the York Daily Record, an editorial board made up consistently of the publisher, editor and editorial page editor are the major decision makers.
An often-posed question is why newspapers endorse, in the first place.
The answer is fairly simple: We take positions on all types of issues. Why not on the presidency, the most important of all issues?
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