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Hellam Township’s Chimney Rock threatened: ‘Time is short’

Matt Baum is campaigning to save Chimney Rock in Hellam Township, Pa.. His Web site is packed with appeals to save this geological formation. (Update, 4/26/13. The pipeline work did not affect Chimney Rock.) Also of interest: Chickies Rock braced for rush of Susquehanna’s waters and Web site filled with wealth of York County geological info and Iron-mine-turned-into-party-spot turned into York County park and Gurgling all the way from Texas to New Jersey.

Matt Baum is owner and lists himself as steward of Chimney Rock in eastern York County.

He dates the Hellam Township rock formation at 550 million years in age.
He has written a letter to the editor urging action against a proposed Texas Eastern natural gas line that my damage the formation… .

“We ask all who share our concerns about this project to rally and stand for the rights of the property owners affected by this proposed gas line,” he wrote. “Time is short.”
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will make its decision after Oct. 13. (Phone: 1-866-208-3372; or e-file a statement, docket # cp09-68-000, at FERC’s Web site.
“Only by standing together can we make a difference,” he wrote.¶
There’s a lot of York County that I haven’t seen or learned about, but Chimney Rock has not been on my radar before. No big deal there.
But fellow blogger and York Daily Record photographer Bil Bowden wasn’t aware of this formation, either. And he has been on just about every square inch of the 900-square-mile county.
Goes to show that you can spend a lifetime studying York County and still learn new stories.
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