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Gettysburg 150: Check out these 6 memorable photo, video links


York, Pa., Daily Record photographer Jason Plotkin captured this photo of Gettysburg 150’s first weekend of re-enactments. Plotkin said he found the re-enactor in this photo particularly in to it, particularly full of personality.  Another full weekend of re-enactment is approaching. For a complete calendar  events, see: Gettysburg 150. Also of interest: Best Gettysburg 150 moments, Part I.

6 particularly visual links to check out:

1. The YDR’s Buffy Andrews pulled together a bunch of 150th photo slideshows.

2. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tells about Gettysburg’s impact on Pittsburgh, many miles away: Gettysburg: Panic in Pittsburgh, then a nation saved.

3. Apps for iPads: “Gettysburg: 150 facts about the 150th.”

4. Jay again: Jason Plotkin caught last weekend’s re-enactment from the air, as well. Check out these views from above: Gettysburg 150.

5. These YDR Media Center slideshows cover the Gettysburg 150 from every angle.
guv6. Cupola Cam caught a celebrity on high Monday. And the guv didn’t even know it. Check out the view from Schmucker Hall’s tower: Cupola Cam.