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Jan Barnhart of the Red Lion Area Historical Society emailed in an update about Ma & Pa Railroad station renovations in the borough. The historical group has been working on the station for about 15 years and is finishing restoration work there, including the relaying of the rails.

Last week, I posted five history mystery quizzes originally posed to YDR Facebook readers. This week, the first two – the one above and immediately below – were posted to my Facebook page. I put past posts on YDR Facebook and the daily posts on my page. Many also go on my Twitter stream. I hope you enjoy and engage by clicking on comments, likes and share. And remember, click on the “goog.le” link, if stumped.

Tom Anderson of Shady Dell Music and Memories blog provided this photo from Gettysburg resident Phil Spangler of the house that later became teen hangout Shady Dell in Spring Garden Township. The hillside has change over the years, and the vastly remodeled Dell, closed for more than 20 years, is privately owned. But memories remain as found on Anderson’s blog.