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This historical marker observes one of Shrewsbury, Pa,’s luminaries – Amanda Berry Smith. Another well-known 20th-century figure, humanitarian Spurgeon Keeny, came from this southern York County borough. And now, efforts are underway to observe another native son who made it big on the world stage – actor Cameron Mitchell.

Just in time for tonight’s anticipated blizzard, here’s another in the Evening Sun’s then-and-now scenes of Hanover: Picturing History. This is Broadway in Hanover, 1902 v. today. Those snow piles would point to a pretty big storm at the turn of the last century. As for Picturing History, journalism Christine Loman writes: ‘The question behind this project is simple: What does change look like?’ She and Evening Sun photographer Shane Dunlap have shown us just that.

Another snow storm gave York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Paul Kuehnel an opportunity to make a two-fer photo: People dealing with the snow and and update on the old Dallas Theatre. Paul reports that Dallastown’s The Graphix Loft plans to restore the marquee – new lighting and fresh paint. The silk screen business, planning to open in the old theater this summer, deals with custom design and logos and all such. A company like that needs a good sign, and there could be nothing better than a former movie house marquee.

We’ll go back to a summer scene on this snowy day. Here, Norman Rishel is seen in this tobacco patch on his family’s Manchester Township farm. The tobacco was rolled into cigars in Emigsville, the closest village, according to Dianne Bowders, who provided this photo and information plus other photos to YDR.com’s online gallery Your Photos. Most of York County’s tobacco was grown in its eastern part, particularly along the river. So Emigsville would have fallen into that zone. One hundred years ago, cigarmaking from this tobacco and leaves imported from elsewhere formed York County’s largest industry.

This little park is on the square of this neat York County, Pa. town. You might drive by it every day without thinking much about it. But it shows efforts to maintain community in a constantly changing county. This park sits on one of the corners of Manchester borough’s square. It’s the image that is tied to census information at YDR.com’s Census page. To find out about Manchester, check out: U.S. Census. Mount Wolf’s on there, too.

On one cold, rainy and dark night, this illuminated building welcomed people passing through Glen Rock, Pa. That is the Arthur Hufnagel Public Library offering a welcome bright site and warm refuge against the elements. Not to get overly metaphysical here, but the light goes beyond what a warm room will do for the body. The brightness also goes to knowledge and understanding, all the good stuff that a library brings to the minds of community members. So Glen Rock’s library offered a warmth to body and mind on this recent night – and has done so for years.

This post card showing a bird’s eye view of … well, what York County, Pa., town? The postcard shows the town about 100 years ago, for it was postmarked 1917. That it’s the property of the Stewartstown Historical Society might suggest its somewhere in southeastern York County.