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Alpacas such as those seen here on Shady Pine Farms in North Hopewell Township are relatively new to York County, Pa., soil. But as the desire for natural fibers has grown in America, this South American animal is increasingly seen around York County, a county that is no stranger to working in the carding, weaving and spinning business. In fact, a museum is opening to educate and observe York County’s long relationship with textiles.

Here’s another quiz resulting from YorkTownSquare’s initiative this year to remember community builders from York, Pa.’s past. Check out the comments about this mystery woman and you’ll find quite a tribute. My comment: ‘It seems the great people – … even from the generation that just passed – escape our individual and collective memories so quickly.’ But people do remember this builder. Karen Hostetter commented about our mystery guest, giving York photographer Bill Schintz credit for ‘capturing such a stunning portrait… .’ She wrote: ‘She will always be one of my favorite people and mentors. She used to tell us as young members of Women in Communications (now AWIC), “Don’t be a cookie cutter.” as she stood there in purple sunglasses and colorful striped skirt and top. (The mystery achiever) showed us how to be true to ourselves and not just in our attire.’

Journalists at the York, Pa., Daily Record occasionally hear stories about people who have accomplished much on the national stage residing in York County retirement communities. We pursue those stories. Sometimes, the reports are true; sometimes not. Other times, the achievers do not want the spotlight. The case of noted writer Zora Neale Hurston comes to mind, although the spotlight would have helped this financially beleaguered Harlem Renaissance author. Hurston’s accomplishments were unknown in her later years in Florida, and in fact, her burial site has not been located. The YDR – and most of the rest of the world – did not know about the fame of the late diarist Mary Berg when she lived for many years in York County. But thanks to Mike Argento’s profile, we know her now.

York countians value – and remember – their athletes. That’s particularly so when you quiz residents on those who excelled locally or nationally. This athlete and her accomplishments particularly resonated with York, Pa., Facebook fans who engaged with the quiz. One reason among many: She came back and became a popular coach. Test your York Smarts on this quiz, two other sports quizzes below as well as several quizzes on other topics. A good Thanksgiving Day pastime, as well.